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Shareholder structure

With a 58.96% stake in CaixaBank's capital, Criteria CaixaHolding, a holding company solely owned by the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, is the bank's core shareholder.

CaixaBank’s public float capital is held by over 715,000 shareholders, more than half of which are institutional investors.

”la Caixa” Banking Foundation 

CaixaBank is the modern face of a long-standing banking and financial tradition founded by the ”la Caixa” savings bank in 1904. In 2014,”la Caixa” became a banking foundation, in keeping with the Savings Banks and Banking Foundations Law. Since then, the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation manages the welfare projects that have long been a cornerstone of ”la Caixa” and, through Criteria CaixaHolding, the ”la Caixa” Group's stakes, including CaixaBank.


Welfare projects

The Foundation works to support the advancement of individuals and society, with a special focus on the most vulnerable groups. The aim is to efficiently respond to the major challenges facing our world today: the fight against poverty and exclusion, employment, assistance for the elderly and sick, access to housing, support for quality education, the advancement of research, the sharing of culture, and learning and knowledge as the drivers of personal development.